Biovideo is a company heartfully built with the purpose of helping new parents live and enjoy the amazing experience of their baby’s first moments without having to worry about capturing them. After Biovideo’s friendly staff film the baby’s first days at the hospital, the movie is uploaded online ready to view and share with the world. The company believes that every baby should have his or her very own Biovideo so, thanks to alliances with partners such as Johnson’s Baby and New York Life, they provide this service for free at select partner hospitals around the Unites States and Mexico.

Our branding proposal uses rounded type and a carefully chosen color palette to communicate the brand’s heartfelt friendliness. It is simple, clear and inspires warmth and trust. The icon ties emotion with technology, a symbol of Biovideo’s extraordinary storytelling venture. The predominantly white and baby blue color palette transmits baby vibes while the striking but limited use of red is enough to prevent it from falling into unremarkable cliché.

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