Project: Branding concept presentation for client – Knightsbridge Private park

Client: Agey Tomesh, Moscow
Type: This project is the branding presentation for the residential estate Knightsbrige.
I made it for design agency Agey Tomesh, which participated with it in tender of „Restovraniya-N“.
Knightsbridge Private park is a deluxe-class residential complex. The development concept of the project includes four
low-rise mansions with a total area of 49,900 sq. m, a 2-hectare private park, a private kindergarten, a wellness centre
with a swimming pool, and a club café. This is the only residential complex in Moscow that includes a private park.
Rendered in the classical traditions of English park culture, it makes the project an utterly unique event in the global
residential property market. The high quality implementation of the Knightsbridge Private park project is ensured by
a well-balanced combination of traditional materials, modern technology, conceptual design and care for the environment.
To emphasize this idea in branding I decide to use eco materials such as kraft and wood, but at that time
to keep the idea of luxury product and it’s historical and cultural background. That’s why I used the motives
of english fabrics from 18-19 century, because this is one of the most striking examples of combination technology,
tradition, art and true luxury.
Services: Branding, Art Direction

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