Ijup 2012

Ijup 2012

IJUP is an event created by University of Porto to promote young researchers and the investigation among undergraduate and graduate students.
As a young researcher, after having studied the case for the second time, the conclusion from the previous identities was that the main purpose and environment of the event was never so much about to investigate, butto share all the investigations, creating a constant learning with the appearance of discussions.
The initiative of creating a distinctive and iconic identity with the purpose of getting young students attention, resulted in a exploding „I“, which stands for Individual, Information, Investigation and IJUP, in metaphor of the boom of information inherent to any research process and of an explosion of knowledgeimplied in the sharing environment of the event.

The contrast between red and blue (warm and cold) suggests the event’s dialogue of the humanistic and arts with the scientific and rational subjects.
QR-codes were added to the poster, so any student could interact with it, by customizing the „I“ with any photo they might fill, creating a wide collection of individual perspectives, much like the event.


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