Our first project of this size as a studio, Lane7 is a piece of work we are immensely proud of. Beginning the project way back in July with just a building shell and a business concept to go from it seemed a daunting task. Whilst high-class restaurant/bar/bowling alley hybrids exist in other parts of the country, this was brand new concept for the North-East and for all involved; everyone was anxious and eager to make it a success.

That said, we began as always with the beating heart of any successful business; its personality, its character, its brand. As a leisure destination we understood that the main manifestation of this was going to be in its interior, its service and its communications. Impressing the importance of these aspects on our client we started the project by pulling together a mood-board of venues from across the world.

Contributed by Merlin Duff and Kevin Robson of Gosforth-based Wonder Stuff Studio.

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