Will + Glory approached us with a very unique proposition. Their vision to offer high quality products that are, by nature, Gloriously British, is what gives them their difference and what’s behind their drive to succeed. We had a blank slate here. The brief gave us the vision, deliverables and a free hand. So let’s get cracking. Let’s present a brand into the marketplace to sit alongside the more affluent and desirable department stores, while offering the unique edge of upcoming designers. We researched and created a name. We developed an online presence to showcase all they offered and stood for. We have been responsible for all media development. We ensure key messages and content engage with the users of these channels to achieve the best results. The tagline ‘Gloriously British’ is at the heart of everything that’s created, produced and designed, and is essential for the future development of the brand as it matures and evolves to become a household name. We’re proud to be so closely associated with it.

Loaf Creative

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