Demand Media

Demand Media

Demand Media is a leading content and social media company that informs and entertains one of the internet’s largest audiences. The company serves as a core source for many publishers and leading sites, including their own hugely successful properties, and

Manual worked with Demand Media to actualize their Content For Real Life positioning with a complete rebrand, rolled out across offices worldwide. Following strategic sessions, we helped generate vision statements and core messaging that Demand Media used to internally communicate a pointed and cohesive vision for the brand. In tandem, Manual created a bold, colorful, and playful visual identity — incorporating print, motion, marketing, and inclusive of brand guidelines.

At the heart of the identity is the iconic ‘D’ logo that conveys the concepts of connectivity and action. The identity reflects Demand Media as a touchpoint in peoples‘ lives — connecting people to content that’s relevant to them, and connecting brands with people, and people with brands. The graphic use of arrowheads becomes a flexible way to frame content and messaging, and to create ever-changing and dynamic visual communications. An extensive set of icons was designed to illustrate the wide range of content categories Demand Media covers.


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