èra ora studio

èra ora studio

èra ora studio has a triple signification enclosed in one only concept of time.

Past: era is the italian word for was and it stands for the collaborations that bring a breeze of fresh air but that last the time of an emotion.

Present: è is the italian word for is and it’s because the creativity generated from the fusion of more hands and styles exists.

Epochal: our philosophy marks a new era where completely different styles get united to be more visible and generate unique and extraordinary things.

The founders of èra are Kristal Trotter and Alberto Larizza.

How to collaborate
it’s a team based on collaborations between creative artists (illustrators, designers, graphic designers, videomakers, photographers…).
You must be selected from the founders and create something with at least one of them.
It’s a way to create something unique and never seen before uniting your way of thinking and style with ours and a way to have more visibility…there is strenght in unity as in all succesfull organizations.

For now no commissions, just ideas.

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