frameLOGIC is a leading fleet management solutions supplier in Poland. It has established its position by supporting management of big professional fleets in utility companies. One of the most important features of frameLOGIC solution is an unique and very precise fuel control system.

In 2012 the company developed rapidly thanks to a serious interest of European transport companies in fuel control solutions. It required a vibrant and professional visual identification system for the whole company.

After choosing Necon Creative Agency, frameLOGIC gained a new logo, as well as logos for its product brands. All signs are based on different Penrose-like shapes, illustrating a combination of different perspectives – just like the frameLOGIC solutions do – join different views of recorded information in one solid picture.

The rebranding project continued with creation of new corporate materials and digital templates of documents, emails and presentations. A completely new website is one of the biggest steps in new marketing strategy. It joins modern design with entirely new content and visual aids. Clear content structure helps visitors learn about frameLOGIC and its offer easily from three different points of view: business benefits, features and applications.


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