StreetArt Agency has developed a corporate identity for, a new Internet TV channel.

Yekaterinburg, capital of Ural, is booming with the rise of Internet television., from Olga Chbykina and Ekaterina Degai, creators of e2-e4, „is a channel that depicts and is intended for those whose life is bright and successful. employs deputies, ministers, businessmen, renowned musicians and public figures as both hosts and journalists, not mere viewers. They, like our audience, are straightforward and genuine, natural and humane. They stand up for being who they are.“
Bright colours and memorable prints encompassing both still and dynamic components mark StreetArt’s interpretation of this bold new vision. has become an object of discussion in the short time since its announcement. „StreetArt agency has arguably created one of the best examples of TV identity across Ural,“ states online news portal
„We had to develop the design for a TV channel, so the visuals had to be likeable and appealing,“ says StreetArt’s art director Andrei Kolokolov. „At first we didn’t anticipate much originality from the visuals, with the name of the channel being ‚Malina‘ (rus. Raspberry), but everything turned out better than expected. The idea is fairly simple; there is the logo that resembles a portal, and there is a crimson substance that shoots out of it and leaves a trail. Anyway, it’s pointless to try and explain a simply beautiful identity, you just have to see it.”
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