Marfa Contemporary

Marfa Contemporary

With a sincere appreciation of Marfa’s culture and purpose, the Texas town was selected as the location for the first satellite extension of Oklahoma’s City Arts Center. The new gallery plans were well underway when Ghost was approached to help create an identity for the venture; the type of project every designer dreams of. Our direction was to create a minimal design that would support the exhibited work without conflict and without receding into the background.

The rectangular and square shapes of the mark are used to reinforce the inspiring work and efforts of minimalist Donald Judd. The installations were structured and had a distinctive shape. The typography and mark when combined create the illusion of a rectangle allowing the eye to fill in the missing components. The mark also references the ends of the Judd cubes which were often hollow. Specialty printing techniques became a component of the identity and collateral involved, these include the use of metallic ink, soft-touch varnishes, clear foil and debossing. The site was developed with an open source CMS for easy updates by gallery staff and features responsive design for optimal viewing on any screen or smart device.


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