Mobiento is an award-winning mobile agency that creates mobile campaigns, websites and applications. They are one of Sweden’s leading mobile agencies and are now also established in Oslo, Copenhagen and New York. They aspire to be one of the most creative mobile agencies around and a leading force in mobile innovation – globally.

With such high ambition Snask set out to rewrite Mobiento’s tonality. It resulted in a whole new tonality tightly tied to the brand which became much clearer to their target group. The agency was totally rebranded visually, based on the new brand platform and tonality. Snask challenged the agency to become something they didn’t know they actually had the potential of becoming and which afterwards felt 100% like them. Mobiento went from talking about themselves as a creative agency into an innovative mobile agency that went perfect along the lines of their actual ambition and which they naturally could live and breath by. The identity changed how they talked, the pride in which they gave away a business card and how they would show clients their rebranded office.

The rebranding generated huge amount of applauds from customers but also created an internal pride amongst the employees in all their offices all over the globe. The rebrand had great impact on fans of Mobiento who showed their praise in social media.


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