Taller38 is an office dedicated to developing real estate projects. T38 is a multidisciplinary workshop composed not only by architects, but also by artisans, carpenters, painters and welders.

Together they develop architectural pieces and real estate projects that are a benchmark of high quality, with the aim to uplift the style and quality of life of the people who live there.

For both workshops we worked with a creative concept based on modularity, always with a ruler based grid.

As for the identity, all the applications –from the logo to the webpage– were designed and developed from a unit that is divided into two parts: On one hand we created a unique identity for each of the two companies, but at the same time it reflects the synergy between two entities that are part of a whole.

That is, if these applications were superimposed, all the elements would complement each other. To differentiate each other, every workshop was assigned with a complementary color: red and blue, basic but opposite colors.

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