Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

We were asked to create an identity for Melbourne’s ‘Premier Events’ (e.g. Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Melbourne Music Week, etc) that would promote the city’s events, whilst giving recognition to its owner and manager, the ‘City of Melbourne’.

We wanted to create a living identity that was as inspiring and adaptable as Melbourne and its people, putting Melbournians on a stage and profiling its arts and culture for all too see. In order to achieve consistency and recognition, we created a 3 dimensional identity based on the existing City of Melbourne’s iconic ‘M’, that would frame and stage the events.
For each event the subject matter interacts with and takes ownership of the ‘M’, whether being adorned with spring flowers or draped with models for Fashion Week or being strung like a harp for Music Week. Above all, this new platform allows the people of Melbourne the freedom to explore and express themselves, engaging with the City of Melbourne and its Premier Events like never before.
*Landor Sydney created the final concept and guidelines, however, the design rollout was managed by a third party.

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