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Velo City

以城市自行車為發想,在品牌識別中我們以幾何構造的標準字體呈現自行車意象―「圓形車輪」及「車體斜角」所帶出的騎乘速度感,並以可隨意延伸之直線象徵城市中的無限阡陌,整體識別所蘊含的便是城市中悠遊騎乘及恣意探索的生活態度。 Velo City

Pure Storage

The Pure Storage ( Pure P ) Logo Design, by The Logo Smith, has been one of the most prestigious logo & brand identity design projects that I’ve had the pleasure to have ever worked on. Pure Storage

BDB group

Seu conceito gráfico é baseado na expressão Bull Market (mercado touro), utilizada para dizer que o mercado está otimista, vigoroso, em alta. Devido à sua presença e poder o touro foi utilizado para representar a marca, um símbolo positivo para o investimento empresarial. BDB group


Coinvision is an AI-powered platform based in Lisbon, Portugal designed to help new investors understand the cryptocurrency market. The resulting direction is loud, primarily due to the cobalt blue colour that engulfs every application of the brand. Alongside the colour choice, the modified sans serif logo complements the minimalistic design flowing throughout the identity system. …

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Eko Trädvård

Eko Trädvård (Eco Treecare) is an arborist in the southern parts of Sweden offering felling and pruning services in accordance with the highest standards of safety. Eko Trädvård


How do you create an immediate and memorable brand mark which instantly captures an organisation’s proposition? HeadBox is the UK’s first online marketplace for creative, inspiring and off-site spaces, disrupting the traditional listing approach by linking bookers of spaces directly with the venue owners. HeadBox


„A business that grows consistently” has become a key starting point for branding in this project. In the symbol, a line joining two rectangular shapes symbolizes the harmonious growth of a small business into a large one. Colours, a rigid grid of elements emphasize solidarity, experience, professionalism and reliability. This project is extremely complex. A …

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Diverse Thinking

BeenThereDoneThat is a strategic agency harnessing some of the creative industries smartest thinkers, working on CMO’s toughest brand problems. Diverse Thinking


El desafío Brokian es una empresa digital, la misma cuenta con una plataforma de creación de sitios webs para el sector real estate. Su característica principal y distintiva esta en su inteligencia artificial. Sus sitios cuentan con la tecnología Magic Learning que les permite a los negocios inmobiliarios mejorar la usabilidad y experiencia de sus …

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The Logo Smith designed a Ghost Logo Design for: GhostPay Inc(client website) Logo & Brand Identity to represent a new cryptocurrency wallet and payment platform created in 2019. GhostPay


Iliard’s philosophy is to be a reliable business partner for our Customers. We want to be a business added value for every project. We do not leave questions unanswered. We do not leave problems unsolved.​​​​​​​ Iliard

Maria Hernandez

Hace algunos meses María Hernández nos contactó para diseñar la nueva identidad visual de su estudio de arquitectura. Desarrollamos toda la papelería y aplicaciones tomando como referencia fotografías de las texturas y colores de algunos de los materiales con los que tratan cada día en sus proyectos: mármol, cemento, madera… A su vez, diseñamos un …

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