Allnorth is a multidisciplinary engineering and technical services consulting company, servicing clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Pulp & Paper, Power and Chemical sectors. With offices across Canada and the U.S., They provide a single point of contact for clients looking for smart and practical solutions to their project needs.


It was a complex project, based on all of the principles pre established by Allnorth. The BR/BAUEN design studio Team  was hired to be responsible for transforming all the philosophical concepts into tangible terms.

With such responsability in hands, the work started by dissecting the brief and understanding it deeply, to the essence of the Brand.

The initial concept of the symbol, was  in a way to represent the company’s name directly, working with its phylosophical significate, where everyone seeks to find its north, wether in life or in navigation, the North is a reference point, and Allnorth offers All of North. The thoughts for the symbol’s construction are vast and among them, are the following inspirations:  Everything comes from a compass;  a sign that represents union between the Client and Allnorth; an arrow which represents the initial of the name, and indicates North.  The outcome is a symbol with extreme simplicity, after all, we are “Clean & Unconplicated  VS Cluttered and Busy”.
BR / Bauen

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