Mike and Maaike

Mike and Maaike

Mike and Maaike is a progressive industrial design studio based in San Francisco. Formed as a design ‚laboratory‘, the studio works both independently and with clients to create new opportunities through products, technology, furniture, and environments. Their work is marked by experimentation, substance, and strong conceptual narrative.

Manual created a simple identity and website. The design of the website aims to encourage exploration and cross-pollination of projects, from commercial to conceptual. All projects and associated written and pictorial content are laid out as one giant canvas. The web browser acts as a roaming window, able to quickly move and skip between projects. The deliberate lack of hierarchy allows the viewer to see fleeting glances of client and self-related projects–a conceptual response to the duality of the studio’s output.

An economical stationery system was devised whereby a single sheet of one-color multi-purpose stationery paper could be trimmed and used for a suite of stationery applications.



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