Global branding of a new umbrella brand in the Portuguese consumer goods market. A collaboration of Alexandra Mendes with Sardinha Comunicação to create a brand that started as pitch proposal. A company starting from ground zero, needing everything from a marketing strategy, a global visual identity and a consistent branding and packaging systems. The pitch proposal developed in 2 weeks – concept, naming, logos, packaging – lead to create further on the global branding of Naturar. A project that involved brand strategy, naming, visual identity, signage design, merchandize, packaging and illustration. Naturar as a company will serve the market with 3 other brands: Verde Terra – for fresh vegetables, Veg&Fresh – for packed vegetables and ready to eat salads – and Naturar Expert – for fresh vegetables sold in large quantities to restaurants and hotels.

Naturar branding

Naturar is a lifestyle made to nurture, care, watch to grow. „Naturar“ is a non-word that makes a verb out of making things natural. It’s made to reach all the mothers, the primordial grocery shoppers at home, but also the young generations, who have an active, modern, uncomplicated, healthy lifestyle.
The lines are very simple, bi-dimensional, clean shapes, strong color palette. The mood board was filled with retro cool seventies inspired home decors, flower wallpapers and upholsteries, and vintage finel ceramics.


Alexandra Mendes

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