Helsinki Food Company provides design and production services to food industry and other industries close by. Basically, they do everything that involves food consulting or food styling: from developing recipies to producing TV-shows and media productions. 

Our assignment was to design a versatile, easily modified and cost-efficient brand identity stemming from the celebration of food culture.
The spearhead of the identity is the logo of Helsinki Food Company. It includes different, somewhat self-evident but stylish, topical references to food and eating (a fork, a plate and a wine glass).

To compliment the logo a fitting typography, colour palette and pattern were designed. The colours are based on chosen, favourite delicacies. Pattern summarizes Helsinki Food Company’s core idea (We Love Good Food). It has been derived from HFC office space, more specifically from their floor tiling.

Visual identity comprehensively covers all the Helsinki Food Company communication, from online design and package labeling to stationary and window signaging.

Cost-efficiency was kept strictly in mind, so most of applications can be executed and produced easily in-house. This gives great freedom to HFC personnel—and it also saves a lot of money. Good design and luxurious appearance does not always require a big fat bag of money.


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